Thriving Bites #5

Hey there

Only a handful of days remaining in 2018.

Has this been the year you wanted? Have you felt like you’ve been thriving personally and professionally throughout the year, even if you have had to navigate a few struggles or setbacks?

There will always be some ups and downs (I tell you about one of mine in my most recent blog) but if you’re thriving, you’re able to smooth out the bumps so you’re not thrown around like a rag doll with your stuffing about to explode.

If you have been feeling a bit like that rag doll, you’re not alone, many people feel the same (unfortunately).

You can change.

You can learn to become that powerful, confident, anxious-free person you want to be.

Ready to change and make 2019 the year you started thriving?

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My Biggest Challenge In 2018


At 2.30pm on Sunday 28 October I was holding my father’s hand when he died.

It was unexpected. I say that, yet he was an old man. Life is predictable in that we all know life eventually comes to an end for us.

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Anxious To Awesome


Carol* was frightened. She was frightened she would never get over her anxiety and be able to enjoy life again.

When Carol contacted me she said "I’ve just turned 50 and my anxieties are increasingly getting worse. I don’t want to waste the rest of my years frozen in fear. I'm scared of everything and don’t feel secure and safe in my life. I don’t know what to do or where to turn for guidance. I need to make these changes for myself and for my children."

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Your Beliefs About Addiction


You may be a smoker and have tried to quit but have failed. Do you believe you’re addicted to smoking? Do you believe there are “hooks” in nicotine that somehow attach themselves to you causing your addiction?

Here are some facts:

  • Nicotine patches have a less than 20% success rate (link to research)

  • A research team at Sydney University analysed 511 studies on quitting smoking published in recent years showed that two-thirds to three-quarters of ex-smokers stopped unaided and that most said they had found it easier to quit than they had expected

Johann Hari’s discusses his views on addiction in this 15 minute TED Talk. A great listen if you’ve not seen/heard it before.

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Happy Holidays!


  1. Kindness. Do some “kindness”. It can be something you do or say. It can be big or small. It can be for someone you know or don’t know. Old or young.

  2. Positives. Find the positives in every experience you have. No matter what the experience, good or not-so-good, you will be able to find some positives.

  3. Gratitude. Feel grateful for everything you have including living in a country with fresh air, food, and water.

  4. Perspective. If you find yourself creating stress/anxiety, stop for a moment. Take a breath and get some perspective.

  5. Smile. The mind/body connection is real. Science continues to demonstrate the connection. Start smiling on the outside and you’ll create some happiness on the inside.

Wishing all my past and future clients safe, happy and thriving holidays.


Michelle Carlyle