Thriving Bites #4

Hello! How are you?

When answering that question, did you think to yourself “not too bad”? If you did, then today’s latest blog is one for you to read.

Words are our thoughts. And thoughts are our words. More importantly, words can influence our thoughts. So how are you? “I’m well. It’s going to be a great day. How are you?”


Words Can Help You Thrive


Most people don’t pay much attention to the words that slip into their vocabulary each day. The words we choose are simply allowing us to express ourselves. But in this latest blog, you’ll read how the words we use have far more impact on our health than most people realise.

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How A Thrive Consultant Helps You Thrive


Every day we hear about people who have overcome incredible difficulties or achieved amazing goals and we think … “I wish I could be like them”.

Well you can! They simply use the skills that thriving people use every day. What are they?

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Anxious To Awesome


Jane* was at a very low point. In her words “rock bottom”. She was on the verge of starting to take anti-depressants that her doctor had prescribed. Until …

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Use Your Imagination For Good


Most elite athletes and sports teams know the importance of visualisation. It helps them focus their minds and prepare themselves for an event.

They visualise what they WANT to happen, not what they FEAR might happen.

Visualisation isn’t just for athletes though.

We can all benefit from it. But you need to know how to do it.

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