I’ve tried therapy and counselling and they didn’t work so why will this?

It’s understandable that you may be skeptical. The Thrive Programme, while it has been created by a psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience and research, is not therapy. It’s a structured training course that you complete with a qualified and Licensed Thrive Programme Consultant. We’ve never been formally taught how to think in a way that’s helpful and empowering; that’s exactly what your Thrive Consultant will teach you. Start thriving! Being an educational programme means you’re in control. Completing the course with a Licensed Thrive Programme Consultant means you’re learning new skills and knowledge at every session. You’ll want to come back for your next session because you want to learn more, not because you need to download.

I don’t have time right now

I hear this a lot but the problem is that a lot of that time is taken up by being anxious or stressed. How much time are you spending worrying about something or someone? When we’re anxious or stressed, our negative thoughts and emotions seem to fill up every nook and cranny in our mind. Start thriving! A mind without a 24/7 ticker tape of anxious thoughts. Wouldn’t that be nice! To be in that thriving headspace, you do need to invest some time but it’s not onerous. And after a few weeks of weaving them into your daily routine, you’ll forget they’re even “homework”.

Things are plodding okay at the moment so I’ll just wait a bit

I often receive requests for more information when someone is having “one of those days”. They see an advertisement or read a blog about The Thrive Programme and I get the call. But then things blow over and well … maybe I’ll just wait a bit. Start thriving! The problem, being the anxiety, hasn’t gone away. Limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking which haven’t changed will continue to stir up stress, anxiety, fears and phobias again at some point in the future. So while relief feels better, it’s usually only temporary.

What if The Thrive Programme doesn’t work? What if I fail?

This is a big one. It can pop up at the very beginning, stopping someone from even starting, or it can rear its head part way through when the expected change hasn’t happened immediately. Nothing else has worked - I’m not sure I could face yet another failure. Start thriving! Turn this negative thought into a positive one. Instead of what if I fail, how about what if it works? Or how about what have I got to lose? You could lose your anxiety and that would be awesome!

I’m scared of change. I hate my stress/anxiety but at least I know it

Another big one. Even when someone loathes how their life feels right now, change can still feel frightening. It can be hard to imagine life without your anxiety, let alone a life that is thriving. Your Thrive Consultant can really help you with this. My expertise helps guide you through this process in a supportive, realistic, and encouraging way. Start thriving! Clients look back at life pre-Thrive and say that their old thinking has completely gone and has been replaced by a whole new way of thinking. New self-confidence opens new opportunities that were just not in the realm of possibilities before.

What makes you qualified to help me?

I’ve completed an intensive and rigorous training programme to become a Licensed Thrive Consultant. Thrive Consultants around the world receive ongoing professional development and access to the latest research. We have direct access to Rob Kelly who is the programme’s creator and we all have access to each other to share knowledge and feedback. We abide by a strict Code of Ethics and Conduct with the three main principles of respect, responsibility, and transparency. Start thriving! I’ve also witnessed (up close and personal) what anxiety and fear looks like, how a person feels desperate and helpless with it, and how The Thrive Programme gave them the knowledge and skills to completely change their life within five weeks.

I can’t afford it

I don’t know if you can put a value on living a thriving life. Millions? Well, it won’t cost you millions. Not even thousands. Just one and a bit thousand. Start thriving! If you don’t have one and a bit thousand, it can be hard to put your hands on it but please don’t let that stop you having an initial conversation with me.

What if I get better and then it comes back again? Is that possible?

The Thrive Programme breaks down limiting beliefs and rebuilds new empowering beliefs. Trainees learn how to manage their thinking and take back control of their life. There is no “it”. You’re now in control of your thinking, not “it”. Start thriving! The more you thrive, the stronger your control, self-confidence, and social confidence becomes. We can’t control everything in life, but thriving means you have the resilience to bounce back and continue your thriving life.