Michelle taught me some great skills that I will use for the rest of my life. She is motivational and encouraging. Michelle believes you can do it and has the right amount of honesty and compassion to help you with your goals.
— Emma from Sydney NSW*
I wanted to overcome my anger so enrolled in The Thrive Programme. Three positive and tangible benefits I’ve gained are that I’m now in control of how I respond to situations, I don’t get as angry or frustrated with situations, and I have a more positive view towards day-to-day life. I’m glad I enrolled and completed The Thrive Programme.
— Elizabeth from Sydney NSW*
Before The Thrive Programme I was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. Since completing the programme I haven’t had a panic attack, I am not tense before I come into the office, I am calm, not stressed, or angered (no more road rage incidents). ... Everything that we have done has worked for me so I wouldn’t change a thing with regards to enhancing the experience.
— Kerrie from Sydney NSW*
One of the biggest takeaways for me was understanding that I can control my own emotions. Once I realised this, other things became easier. And Michelle is such an easy person to connect with, but I’m not just saying she’s “lovely and nice” - I mean that even when she needed to challenge me, she knew how to do it in such a way as to make me feel ok and engaged with it, and not make me feel like I needed to go into defensive mode. I actually found Michelle herself to be very inspiring, her composure, her thoughts, her tone and words have all helped me immensely.
— Lucy from Sydney NSW*
I was struggling with anxiety, self-esteem and clarity. I now have more clarity around confidence and self-esteem, I’m more positive, and I’m understanding where to let go and realise some things I have no control over. I would say to others that The Thrive Programme is for anyone at any stage, age, or needing help. Everyone can benefit from doing this program which introduces really simple and basic thoughts to help you in your daily life.”
— Tracy from Sydney NSW*
I have learnt that I have control over my life and how I respond. I have a much stronger belief in myself and my ability to take things where I want. And I have more confidence in my decisions and how I handle myself in various situations. The Thrive Programme opens up a whole new way of thinking and shows you how much control you can have and how your old ways of thinking are so unhelpful and not useful at all.
— Gary from Western Australia*
I have no more anxiety and no more ‘sick preventing’ behaviours. I have developed inner strength and higher coping skills. I would highly recommend doing the course with Michelle. I think there was a lot of value having a coach to keep me on track and assess where I was at each week. I’m not sure I would’ve got the same result without her.
— Brooke Russell from Victoria, Australia*
My life has completely changed since I began this journey with Michelle. I am happier, more confident and my mind is so much clearer than it ever has been before in my life. I no longer spend every minute of every day consumed by emetaphobic thoughts, I am at last free. It is like the biggest weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
It was so tiring carrying out all my safety seeking behaviours and with all the thoughts going on, I honestly feel like a different person, as this is no longer a part of my life.
My relationship with my two kids is much better, as I am no longer holding them back from doing things that kids should be allowed to do. Michelle you truly are a wonderful woman, I am so very happy I found you and you took me on this amazing journey.
— Anna Anderson from Queensland, Australia*
When I first contacted Michelle I was struggling with anxiety. The three positive, tangible, and measurable changes I can now recognise in myself are I’m more positive, I have perspective, and I’m feeling good about myself. If you feel a bit lost or down, talk to Michelle.
— Rode Vella from NSW, Australia*
The Thrive Programme will change your life. I am 50 years old & going into this I did not like who I was. I was anxious, suffered panic attacks almost monthly (about everything) I was sad, negative & struggling to get through my everyday. I have 4 children so it was absolutely vital I do something as I could see their disappointment in my lack of joy & lustre for life. The Thrive Programme set me straight & I am now proud of who I am & enjoying my life & the possibilities ahead of me. My children thank Michelle too!
— Maree Lewis from Queensland, Australia*
Michelle was very calm and supportive! She helped me believe what I learned from reading the Thrive book! What I mean by that is intellectually I understood what the Thrive book was telling me to do but emotionally I needed some help to challenge myself so I could 100% believe I could do what the Thrive book challenged me to do! Now I am thriving and I am doing things that I never thought I could do before reading this Thrive book! I am care free, I am relaxed, I am confident I can do whatever I want in life and I am no longer living in fear!
— Christina from San Diego, USA*
Thrive is a wonderful program for anyone as we can all improve our thinking, and Michelle is a highly knowledgeable and supportive practitioner.
— Jo from Sydney, Australia*
Very enriching workshop and a gentle reminder for believing in self and having self-control in any situation.:) A big thank you !!

Thank you so much for this topic, very good presenter that made me to realise that it is possible to change my mindset. Thanks.
— International not-for-profit organisation*
Thank you so much for your encouragement & conversations we have had thru The Thrive Programme. At the time I was very depressed and had been to a psychologist a few times and was at an appointment with my doctor who gave me a prescription for anti-depressants. I had the prescription filled & had taken one tablet & I knew this was not for me. From problems in my past that I have held on to for years, I knew tablets wouldn’t help. The past could not be changed so I looked on the computer for help. I found “THRIVE”. All I wanted to do was work on today & the future, not dwell on the past. This was for me. I found the programme excellent, just what I wanted & having you as a mentor really helped me keep on track. My inner beliefs were one of my problems and the advice given was very helpful. Confidence was another concern, not anymore, my positivity & confidence have become stronger. Criticism I couldn’t handle and now after 8 weeks of constant reading & talking to you Michelle, I can laugh at myself which was a big issue for me. The weekly talks with you were what kept me on track and now my course has finished, I am now reading a chapter in the book each night & will continue to do so. I feel confident, happy, positive & my future is going to be great. The book is so good I have bought a copy for my son. Thanks again Michelle, I am a changed woman.
— Margaret from Western Australia*
I discovered The Thrive Programme during a particularly bad stage of my daughter’s emetophobia where she was unable / unwilling to go to school due to her fears. We started the program with Michelle and it just made so much sense! The journey of self discovery for both myself & my daughter was fabulous. While my daughter did not finish the program, I did & I continue to help her stick to it. We process positives every day to ensure she stays on track. Her improvement is obvious. As a fabulous by-product, I too now process positives and see things even more through my ‘Thrive glasses’. I recommend this easy to follow and common sense program to anyone suffering anxiety around the fear of being sick - in fact anyone with anxiety.
— Sue-Ann from Canberra*
I have suffered from Emetophobia for over 20 years. I didn’t fully realise until I started the Thrive program how much I thought about my fear and how quickly I allowed myself to think negatively or catastrophise my fear about being sick. I was consumed by these negative thoughts and I was letting them hinder my ability to live my life fully. I was scared of staying in a motel with my partner, petrified about having children, thought constantly about my partner being sick, avoided sick kids at work, and so on and so on…

This program has not only helped my fear immensely it has helped every area of my life. The Thrive program has taught me so much about myself and allowed me to completely reflect on the negative thinking patterns I have, not just about my phobia, but about so many areas in my life, my job, my relationship with my partner and most importantly, how I feel about myself. I wont lie to you – the program isn’t easy, but it isn’t hard either. You just have to be persistent and follow the program, read the book, listen to Michelle and persevere. Persevere when you don’t get the concepts, persevere when you have a blip, and persevere even when you’re tired and busy. Please just persevere! It works, I promise you. Your hard work will guarantee it works. The concepts may take some time to fully understand, but once the penny drops, it will change how you think about everything. I now have the skills to stop my negative thoughts. I can recognize when I am obsessing (brooding) about something and I have the power to stop. I am so much more aware of myself and my thinking and because of this my anxiety has decreased significantly. I feel powerful and know I can cope with anything life throws at me.
— Nicole Gray from Melbourne*
Since I began seeing Michelle and starting the Thrive Programme, approximately 4 months ago, I can see such an improvement in myself from when I started. The programme is something I knew I had to complete to help me with personal problems like social anxiety, confidence issues, phobia, and self-esteem. Since starting The Thrive Programme with Michelle, each week she has helped and educated me through the programme. The programme is educational which is what interested me the most as it wasn’t just about me talking about my problems; the programme is there to teach me new ways to think more positively in my day-to-day life. Michelle has been fantastic at advising me and teaching me throughout the whole programme. Not only would we see each other fortnightly she would contact me via email, text or phone call in between sessions to see how I have been coping and to see if I had any questions I wanted to ask following on from the recent session. Michelle, I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done and all the hard work and effort you put in. I would urge people to contact Michelle as I am SO confident she can help you too like she has done for me.
— Richard from Sydney*
The most thought provoking, powerful and empowering programme I have ever participated in.
— John Barry, Group Human Resources Director - Australian Medical Association*
Thrive for Business has been the most useful professional development experience I have had to date. It has certainly added to my way of thinking in the business environment. The workshops provided an opportunity to see colleagues in a different light and understand more about each other. I will revisit Thrive in the future without a doubt. This course should be on your must do list.
— Colin O'Sullivan, Group Chief Information Officer - Australian Medical Association*
Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Thrive program. Over the years I have attended a lot of high quality corporate training programs and have read and heard about many techniques and strategies for enacting behavioural and cognitive change. I found the Thrive program incredibly valuable and a very practical synthesis and integration of ideas and actions. It is increasing my awareness of and my ability to create positive changes in my thinking and communication style. It prompted me to ask some hard questions and challenged me to put myself back into the driver’s seat of my own life.
— Cath Godfrey, Publishing Director - Australasian Medical Publishing Company (AMPCo)*
I entered the program with an open mind. I’ve learned so much about our psychological foundations including self-esteem but also about positive language and thinking styles. With practice and applying the foundations taught in this program, I have clearly shifted a lot of the limiting beliefs that I had before.
There are many highlights for me throughout the program. I cannot wait to revisit the readings and although it is intended for business purposes, it has actually changed the core of me as a person and it’s something that I can apply in my personal life.
— Lia Tjandrahadi, Finance Manager - Australasian Medical Publishing Company (AMPCo)*

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* Disclaimer: Effects may vary person-to-person.