Panic attack

First, in case of emergency

If you are here because you or someone you know is currently experiencing a panic attack or similar emergency and you need immediate support, we recommend you go to the Beyond Blue Immediate Support page.

What is The Thrive Programme?

The Thrive Programme is an evidence-based psychological training programme. Like many people who suffer from panic attacks, you may have already been to see counsellors, therapists, psychologists, support groups, and/or psychiatrists but still, you’re not better. You'll be asking yourself why this programme will work when nothing else has. It’s perfectly natural to think that way. But you can’t give up, simply believing you’re stuck with having to suffer panic attacks. You’re not. The Thrive Programme is innovative, it’s evidence-based, it’s easy-to-understand, and it works. Every person who comes to see me, brings with them a lot of scepticism. It’s my role to gain your trust, help you gain self-insight, and to teach you everything you need to know so you have the tools and knowledge to live a thriving life.

How can I access the programme?

Face-to-face or via Skype? Both are very effective so it doesn’t matter where you’re located we can still connect. In the busy world we live in, Skype can be a time-efficient approach. I’ve created a number of resources that ensure the Skype method of delivery feels like you're sitting in the same room as me. 

What is a panic attack?

Heart racing? Sweaty? Short of breath? Shaking? Tingling sensation in some parts of your body? Tightness in your chest? Been to Accident & Emergency, waited for at least 4 hours only to be told by them that there's nothing wrong? You've had a panic attack. And it can be very scary.

You have no idea why these panic attacks (anxiety attacks) are occurring and this can lead you to blaming something external such as the plane, train, cinema, lift or wherever else you may be. If you were on a plane, the chances are you would develop a fear of flying, and then you would start to avoid air travel as much as possible. 

The reality is these anxious feelings are just a manifestation of emotions that are already inside of you. The Thrive Programme can help you to eliminate panic attacks completely and permanently.

Use the button below to schedule a free 15 minute initial conversation directly in my diary in order to find out more about the programme.

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