50 Ideas You Really Need To Know: The Human Brain

Author: Moheb Costandi

The big question that has no agreed answer among scientists is about our brain and mind. Are they different or the same?

One description might be that the brain is the hardware and the mind is the software. That still won’t sit well with many.

But to answer some brain questions such as what is neuroplasticity, how do we remember things, what happens to our brain when we age, how are habits formed, or how do we learn new skills … then this little book is brilliant.

It attempts to distil over 100 years of thinking about the brain.

We’ve become a lot more interested in the brain/mind as technology has advanced. Knowledge of that “grey matter” is becoming more accessible to the general public through books, courses, and videos.

Of course it’s not going to answer that big question. Nor will it answer many other questions. But it is a beautifully written book that puts big brain language into easy-to-understand chapters.

Michelle Carlyle