Manifest your best day, every day.

We know that setting our daily goals is one way to help us achieve them. Writing them down is going to get you even closer to transferring them into the DONE list at the end of the day - by a whopping 42% according to Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University in California.

But to achieve our goals, we also need the right mindset. Waking up with the wrong mindset is going to jeopardise your chances of goal achievement regardless of whether you’ve written them down 100 times or not.

Here’s one question to ask yourself before anything else. Yes, even before that cup of coffee or that big fat kiss from your partner, little one, or furry friend!

What do I want to get out of today?

Make that choice. Sometimes we’re given a bit of help from the “outside” such as a beautiful sunny day, a compliment from a colleague, or a calm-looking work week agenda. Those outside influences can give us a short term boost of “good vibes”.

At other times, the “outside” feels like it’s waging a full scale war against us and you can hear that voice inside your head screaming out “why the hell does this always happen to me?” or “of all the days to rain, it has to be today!”

Guess what? You STILL have a choice. It’s still YOUR choice how you respond to the weather, workload, traffic, annoying transport passenger, sick child, or spilled coffee. Ask yourself that question again. What do I want to get out of today?

Let’s make this a little simpler. Do you want a crappy day today? Do you want to feel miserable and blame the weather for it? Do you want to feel bad because your healthy eating plan went south yesterday momentarily? Do you want to continue to berate yourself and brood over that mistake you made last week at work?

I hope you answered no.

Then what? What do you want to get out of today? Make that choice. Choose what mindset you’re going to bring to your day today. If you want to have a day where you feel positive with an “I can” attitude towards your daily goals, then choose that. Imagine it, visualise it, and you could even write it down.

If you’re currently struggling with your mental wellbeing (stress or anxiety), then the mindset you choose might be “I’m going to stay positive and confident today knowing that I’ll soon feel much better”. If you’re currently struggling with a physical health issue then the mindset you choose might be “I’m going to stay calm today knowing that I will get on top of this soon”.

Combine your daily tasks (goals) with your chosen mindset to manifest the best possible day. Today and every day.