12 things that mentally-tough people do habitually

Our visual picture of a mentally-tough (resilient) person is possibly a sports person who is doing something not only physically near impossible, but almost certainly mentally unimaginable. They’re the Everest climber, the Tour de France rider, or the ultra-marathon runner. But you’d be wrong.

Mentally-tough people aren’t just sports people; however it is highly likely they are an avid exerciser. Mentally-tough people are all-rounders. They develop habits that exercise their whole wellbeing.

Here’s my take on their top 12 habits:

  1. They love learning and will gain new knowledge daily
  2. They manage their thinking well and recognise any unhelpful thoughts quickly so they can change them
  3. They give their full attention (ears and eyes) to the person speaking to them - they’re listeners
  4. They have (or gain) the internal resources they need to achieve their goals - in other words, they don’t believe that luck has anything at all to do with outcomes
  5. They have confidence in themselves without unnecessary ego
  6. They balance their motivation and positivity with a realistic perspective
  7. They enjoy social engagements (even if their natural behaviour leans closer towards introversion) as they have no fear of being judged by others
  8. They enjoy a challenge as they know it further develops their confidence, knowledge, and/or experience
  9. They think positively about themselves and others
  10. They are grateful for every experience every day
  11. They are conscious of looking after their physical and nutritional health as well as their mental health
  12. They create a little bit of time every day for “quiet”

Did you tick all the boxes? Don’t worry if you didn't. The good news is that we are not born with a fixed dose of resilience in our genes. Science has proven that we can learn to be more resilient. Just like we can learn anything new. Anything. The even better news is that you can learn at any age too. I know a 90 year old lady who is learning all about youtube and text messaging. Nothing will get between her and her iPad. Brilliant.