How to keep your personal power

This TEDTalk by Amy Morin is one of my favourites for two reasons - she absolutely nails it with her comments on the need for healthy mental habits and her honesty is just oozing with every word. Love her. It’s 15 minutes long but (in my opinion) is worth every minute.



She says “it is hard to give up our bad mental habits but you can’t afford not to”. One day, you may need every last ounce of mental strength to see you through and out the other side of an unexpected life event, so you can’t afford to give away any of your personal power. Personal power is referring to your resilient mindset. A mindset that is positive, motivated, and realistic. Having healthy beliefs that you can directly influence your experiences, and have the confidence that you can cope with the outcomes.


We all have some unhelpful thoughts occasionally and we often say them out loud such as “my mother-in-law / father / neighbour drives me crazy” or “why does this always happen to me?”. Every time you say or think one of these thoughts, you are giving away some power. 


What about at work. What power are you giving away there? "I'm always overlooked for the important projects" or "it's the client's fault ..." These thoughts are giving away your power. They pass the buck over to someone or something external.


If you take up a new exercise regime to get fit and lose weight, you will need to give up some unhealthy habits like junk food.


If you want to build your resilience and lead a successful and happy life, you will need to give up unhealthy (limiting) beliefs.


Detect unhealthy thoughts - challenge them, and delete them. Keep your personal power.