mental toughness for study success. Yes please!

What is The Resilient Student?

The Resilient Student is a professionally designed and developed non-accredited online course. 
It contains seven highly-engaging modules, each one broken down into short easy-to-digest lessons in a video/audio format.

The Resilient Student can be consumed on any device, at anytime, and anywhere. It's device-agnostic and has an App* so learning can also take place offline. During a commute, The Resilient Student can be delivering valuable lessons and ideas that will keep students engaged and determined to achieve their long term educational goal.

With more than five hours of video/audio content, The Resilient Student offers comprehensive yet accessible lessons. There is a hand-selected and regularly updated Resource Library for those students who would like to dig a bit further into any of the topics. The Resource Library includes suggested books, online blogs, videos, articles, and a one page downloadable summary of each module. 

Students can dip into The Resilient Student, selecting specific lessons of interest. Or they can complete the course from start to finish. There’s a quiz at the end of each module for those students keen to test their understanding. 

*The App is on track to launch early May. Final testing currently taking place.

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For when life throws you a curveball

Who is The Resilient Student for?

The Resilient Student is for the adult learner about to start a vocational or university course. Juggling study with part-time work, family commitments, and simply living life, can be stressful. The Resilient Student is a short preparation programme that will help students set their goals, develop that much-needed mental strength, build confidence, ditch any pesky habits that might get in the way, and develop some new helpful ones. 

Even if a student has all their ducks in a row, there will no doubt be a curveball that will hurtle towards them at some point during their studies. 

A part-time job may no longer exist or the opposite, it may start taking up too much time. An unexpected health issue might lay you out flat for a bit. Or perhaps a family member or friend needs a bit more of your time than usual and you’re finding it hard to squeeze in “me” time. 

Being mentally prepared to handle these setbacks and keep studies goals on track, is exactly why The Resilient Student is a good friend to have. 

It's got to be flexible and fit in with my schedule

Delivery to RTO's and universities

As an RTO or a university, you can package The Resilient Student with your own course offerings. 

The Resilient Student sits within a Learning Management System (LMS) with a clean, easy-to-use design. The architecture behind the LMS is robust and flexible with features such as:

  • High availability
  • White labelling
  • Student activity reporting
  • In-house administration
  • Device agnostic
  • iOS and Android App for offline use
  • SSO
  • SSL certification to keep your details secure

Regardless of the LMS you currently use, whether it be Moodle, Blackboard, or D2L, The Resilient Student can be simply integrated, including Single Sign On (SSO) if preferred. 

We’ll train your Student Support Team to become Resilient Student coaches so they can re-engage students who may have disengaged from their studies. Our passion, like yours, is to support students to achieve their educational goals.


Delivery to students

If the RTO or university you’re attending supports students by providing complimentary access to The Resilient Student, then you’ll simply be able to access it via their LMS. 

If not, and you want to be ahead of the game, then you can purchase it yourself right here. 

The software we use to deliver The Resilient Student is brilliant. We love it. Here are some of the things we know you’ll love about it too:

  • The user interface is clean and simple. You will know you’re way around it quicker than you can say “this is amazing”!
  • Device agnostic - iPad, iPhone, PC, Android - all fine with us
  • iOS and Android App for offline use
  • SSL certification to keep your details secure

The Resilient Student is an online course that can be viewed on any device, at anytime, or anywhere. 

And with access open for 18 months, you can revisit your favourite lessons as many times as you like. 

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It's much more than simple study tips

Benefits for RTOs and universities

The Resilient Student will provide your students with much more than simply some good study habits. It will also, once applied, help them identify their purpose, build their confidence, manage stress levels, and develop an intrinsic motivation. 

Commencing studies for many students is a balancing act to accommodate many other commitments such as part time work, family, and health/social activities. It’s not always easy and can even be challenging.

Educational institutions recognise this and want to support students achieve their long term educational goals. 

The Resilient Student can be a part of your student support network.


Benefits for students

The Resilient Student will help prepare you for life’s little challenges that can get in the way of your studies. 

We know you have to juggle part time work, a social life, family commitments plus much more alongside your study. So that’s why we developed The Resilient Student. We want you to complete your studies as well as all those other activities you need to do - without stress!

You know the feeling you get when an assignment deadline is looming, and you’ve not yet started. Well, The Resilient Student won’t switch off all your “not-so-great” habits overnight, but it will give you some proven techniques for developing new helpful habits. 

The Resilient Student will prepare you to achieve your educational goals. That will make us smile as much as you.